A Precision Diagnosis Technology And Product Innovation Company Focusing On Women's Health

Shuwen Biotech is an integrated diagnostic company with offices in China and Germany. Founded on the principles of innovation, patent protection, and international collaboration, Shuwen established strategic partnerships with leading academic and commercial institutions to commercialize first-in-class diagnostic technologies and patents, and has developed a range of novel diagnostics in the fields of cancer and women's health. Shuwen has also developed quality companion diagnostics and provided central lab biomarker testing services to leading pharmaceutical developers and hospitals. Shuwen houses an in-house development team, CAP-accredited central labs, and GMP/ISO13485-certified IVD manufacturing facilities, all in line with global standards to continue to deliver transformational products and services to its customers globally and open new possibilities in the advancement of health. Innovative products are offered on the international market through  Cerca Biotech GmbH, Shuwen's European subsidiary in Berlin.

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